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Vacuum Hot Water Boiler (T7)

Vacuum Hot Water Boiler (T7)

Vacuum Hot Water Boiler (T7)


Vacuum hot water boiler is an ideal solution for heating supply. Gas is available to be used in the heating boiler. There is completely deoxy purified water in the furnace, so there is no corrosion and incrustation. Working in the negative pressure, vacuum hot water boiler has none explosion in record.


Simple System, Easy Installation

The built-in exchanger in boiler can directly offer needed water , can offer multi-circuit water with different temperature.

Strong Water Quality Adaptability

The condensing water flows out of the Ultra-speed smoke cooling tubes, and the heat transfer space is designed in large volume, uneasy to form scale.

Multi-Boiler-Controlled Intelligent System

Modular boiler can realize the multi-control of more than one boiler, which can adjust the heating demand through intelligent operation.

High Thermal Efficiency And Low Exhaust Emission

Due to the integration of boiler proper and burner and perfect structure of Ultra-speed smoke cooling tubes, China T7 Vacuum Hot Water Boiler has high thermal efficiency and low NOx emission less than 30mg/m³.

Core Technology

Vacuum Technology

Vacuum boiler working principle depends on boiling points under different air pressure. In negative pressure, water can be boiled in the temperature under 100 ℃, generating steam with less fuel consumption. Besides, vacuum boiler has long service life and high safety.

Diffusive Combustion

Diffusive Combustion is a general combustion technique, applicable for large-tonnage boiler. And it has slight requirement of air quality.

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